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Saw Palmetto for Acne

saw palmetto for acneAcne is the most common skin problem in all ages, both in men and women . Usually, you can see the scars on a person's face, but sometimes occurs on the back , shoulders and chest. It began during adolescence and is most prevalent in males . In Adolescence there is an increase in androgens ( male sex hormones ) for both sexes and therefore women also suffer from acne. Acne also causes a problem in the immune system in wound healing . There are also side effects of the disease - mental and social disorders . The causes of the disease includes the following: using cosmetics which are not suitable for the skin, family history , emotional stress , skin contact of deeper scars , work environment that affects the skin : the fuel industry , leather , oil , kitchen and baking and weather - humidity , intense heat and temperature changes . 

There are many solutions in Acne Treatment : Antibiotics taken orally , antibiotic ointments , Roakotan , Saw Palmetto for acne, hormonal balance using oral contraceptives , maintaining hygiene and face various cosmetic treatments . Saw Palmetto is simple and easy to use.You  should not use perfumes inflammatory areas , apply a moisturizer without the fat and then you can use makeup - up and keep on removing makeup with a damp cloth and then use cleansing milk . Do not rub the skin and it is best to use lukewarm water without wiping the face.Facialists strongly recommend not to touch the wounds themselves to the wound heal alone. You can rub the skin wheat germ oil or lavender to conceal the scars . If the scars were a year and a half there is a possibility that disappear . 

Another face care naturopathic treatment .  

Saw Palmetto for acne: How it works?

 This treatment refers to a change in diet , use of herbs and supplements and making various relaxation techniques . The essence of nutrition develops breeding filled foods , not processed , rich in dietary fiber and refined . Natural treatment goal is to keep excess sebum and preventing overgrowth of bacteria on the skin. What helps this are medicinal plants expressed creams and soaps . In addition , the use of herbal medicine when there is a hormonal imbalance and can be treated at the base of the problem. If it is diabetic skin should be added to this treatment also appropriate diet and supplements that aim to balance the amount of sugar in the skin. If Naturopathy felt that the patient also suffers from tension consuming, it is recommended to perform the various techniques of relaxation. Last aspect which should be considered is lowering inflammation diet and body aimed at cleaning the body , specifically the liver and blood . 


Naturopathy treats acne as an outward expression of something happening inside the patient's body . Pressure may be the accumulation of toxins due to wrong diet , hormonal imbalances and more. Yes , sometimes you should contact someone else and make sure the source of the problem .Recommendation on the treatment of acne is to reduce refined carbohydrates like sugar and white flour . The reason lies in the glycemic index of these foods (the value is very high) . These foods raise insulin levels , in addition to testosterone rises as acne actually evolving. 
It is highly recommended to enrich the menu beta- rich foods such as melon, yellow fruits - oranges , squash and greens . Also highly recommended to drink plenty of water , to give up the animal fat and trans- fatty acids such as margarine, red meat, fat, dairy products, fried foods , chicken with oil and the like. Highly recommended that you eat three meals a day and clean the body with fasting and skin can be improved very dramatically .

Efficient Treatment of Acne

What is Acne?
Acne occurs when deep fine layer of skin near the hair roots are generating sebaceous glands secrete sebum which  lubricate the hair role and the skin.
Also fatty acids in milk fat kill, bacteria and which are the core of my skin super fat . Milk secretion rate depends on the influence of male hormones , androgens . The ratio of estrogen / androgen importance of milk secretion , which affects the appearance of acne and therefore acne tends to occur during periods of hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy or oral contraceptive intake .When the milk secreted excessive amount created " Cap " , a large amount of milk now gathering under the skin and can not break the skin.Provisions fat accumulating under the clogged pores combining with dead skin cells and other pollutants , and provide a perfect environment for replicating turbulent acne bacteria . Hence way short inflammation pus that forms the familiar . 

What is the best treatment for acne?  


First of all, there is no need to take an expensive treatment like  Cosmetics , soaps and lotions expensive.
All of these can at best relieve some symptoms but only short term , since all materials cosmetics these do not penetrate the epidermis leather jackets which outer cell layer ( its function is to protect the inner layers ), therefore these materials can reach the sebaceous glands and treat them means " to treat root of the problem " .So even if we use an antibiotic ointment which contains cortisone or she will be effective in a focused way on the skin , and in the future effectiveness will decrease as the skin gets used to these materials then the efficiency decreases.Please remember that all external treatments and antibiotics such as erythromycin pills consumed and Minocycline blood flow and reach the deeper layers of the skin are antibacterial and inhibit the secretion of milk increased , they have no preventive effect , meaning as soon as we stop consuming them acne come back! .

Saw Palmetto

Currently known only conventional medical literature one drug that has a preventive effect of acne and Saw Palmetto . Saw Palmetto  is a drug based on vitamin A and it helps in treating severe acne .It works by reducing the secretion of milk. Medication is usually only for a few months , but the reduction in the lasts up to a year after stopping treatment . The decrease in excretion of fenugreek causes a decrease in the quantity of bacteria in the skin. Saw Palmetto  is also an anti -inflammatory , and therefore ha inhibits the production of Comedy ( black dots ) .Those who consumed the drug at the recommended dose will suffer from side effects such as dryness strong in all parts of the body and sometimes joint pains and avoid sun exposure during treatment , the drug Nitnn course only prescription so briefed about the drug be given by a doctor and includes tracking and a blood test once a month. 

There was also a dose consumption of Saw Palmetto , recommended to those that cross the first or second is not taboo with them or those who can not tolerate the side effects of Roaccutane . This is a very low consumption of the drug over time ( such as 40 mg per week instead of 40 mg daily regular treatment ) and thus actually Saw Palmetto to balance the secretion of the sebaceous glands , it slows down the provision so that Christians " stoppers " under the skin and thus prevented the recurrence of acne .
In conclusion we can say that there is only one way to effectively prevent acne and Roaccutane .

Side effects of Roaccutane (Acne Remedy)

Roaccutane , which is acne medicine , is a powerful drug and its side effects are not easy at all.Everyone that takes Roaccutane has to go through periodical blood tests and liver functionally exams. Man alternative medicine professionals beleive that  Roaccutane is poisoning our body and cause long term effects. . Clinical studies indicate that more than 40 % of patients with acne , pimples , teenagers and adults taking Roaccutane appeared onset of wounds after taking it for a few months. 


Did you know that  Roaccutane pills have the following side effects:

 * A decrease in a number of platelets may cause nosebleeds , fatigue, drowsiness and weakness , headache, extreme dryness lips and eyes facial skin and body , aggressive behavior , the appearance of abscesses breasts , menstrual problems , risk of injury to height growth during puberty , sun sensitivity , hair loss and itching, ban on engaging in sports ... 

* Joint and muscle pain and weakness in the body, damaging nails , gastrointestinal disorders and sometimes vomiting, headaches and liver damage .... sounds scary ... ! 

* People who take Roaccutane and becomes pregnant during therapy should abortion because pregnancy while taking Roaccutane cause severe defects in the fetus. 

* Additional studies showed that Roaccutane may cause depression and decreased mood , thoughts of suicide and mental instability that lasts long . These phenomena require a quick break and her drug use quick attending physician . Usually side effects are reversible with discontinuation of study drug situation returns to normal . 

 Acne treatment , acne does not require poisoning the body , not even temporarily.Roaccutane is a ball requested and accepted by teenagers during adolescence and adults seeking to achieve immediate results for treating acne pimples , indeed, Roaccutane decreases and reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin, remove and dry the open comedones ( black ) and acts against inflammation and infection caused by acne .But long term. This fact, invasive treatment that could significantly impact several important systems in the body. 

Doctors opinion is that Roaccutane - may alter the healing response of the skin, after treatment with Roaccutane scouted slower loose skin and more inclined to create scars .Google AdsDuring the therapy Roaccutane - There shattering her skin " so during the therapy recommended to avoid hair removal wax face or other treatments in the face by beautician. 

Contact lenses and Roaccutane - Roaccutane causes considerable dryness of the mucous membranes . Corporation of stimulation by contact lenses with dry eye that may cause damage to the cornea . There are also a number of side effects and rare abnormalities during treatment Roaccutane - concerts breast abscesses familiar sands suffers from polycystic breasts . These phenomena are parallel worsening acne face appears often in the early weeks for treatment . Dryness and inflammation of the mucous membrane at the entrance of the penis ( on MEATUS ) can cause considerable interference . Sometimes caused disruption in circulation (especially to the regulator ) in treatment Roaccutane .

In what conditions do you need to stop taking Roaccutane ?Depression appears immediately after starting treatment , the abnormal increases in triglycerides ( beyond 500 ) , hypertension intracranially

Written by Jon Cresot, the author of "Acne Today". You can visit my latest article about Acne here

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin disorder that appears in 85 % of children in adolescence.
It may also occur in adults , pregnant women , menopause - both men and women . 

The primary causes for acne include:  

  •  Hormonal imbalances 
  •  Allergy problems 
  •  Problems digestion and absorption of fats and carbohydrates
  •  Intolerance to dairy products
  •  Overeating saturated fats and more ....
There are natural and medical remedies bought on the market for acne.Whenever the activity of sex hormones during puberty begins secretion of sebum hair follicle . As a result, peoplein the first stage and second stage sores stuck Caps milk surplus , canals follicle and cause Tendenbaum. So that the dried milk , scaly skin bacteria in the pores and skin creating a thick milk containing open comedones , keratin , epithelial cells and bacteria. 
Acne has two forms: an inflammatory acne and non- inflammatory acne . 
Non- inflammatory acne is easier to treat . There are lesions are called open comedones . In clinical open holes , meaning that partial blockage of the hair by keratin failing produced by cells in the skin ( keratin created - by Cell space located in the innermost layer of the skin epidermis . Compartment Cell manga produces a protein called : keratin and protein that fills the cytoplasm epithelial cells ) , but still has the passage of air in and out to the facial skin , which causes it to oxidize and become black so we notice heads " black " spread over the skin. 
The second type of open comedones is white - closed ( Milia ) . Here the hair goes into the skin completely blocked - by keratin and therefore the milk is oxidized ( because passage of oxygen in and out ) , and created the head "white" .Acne vulgaris - open comedones become inflamed lesions called : Czyste and may leave scars after healing ( what we know as : pimples ) . 
There are situations in case they are one - time as PMS , stress, certain food like chocolate and nuts . It is important to note the time of their appearance and environmental circumstances that cause wounds . 
Acne accompanied by frustration and low self-esteem and in addition there are a shame and inferiority .Chinese medicine is a state of inner warmth and weakness of the lungs. The heat source can arise from the stomach because food does not fit, or because of psychological factors .
  • Aromatherapy
  • Oils and oils will be chosen antibiotic , anti - inflammatory oils that stimulate and improve circulation , oils that help purify and disinfecting , oil balances sebum secretion , oils soothe irritated skin and of course other oils them we will have to include a mixture according to the nature of the patient's complaints .
  • Herbs :
  • Moore Ex . , Gold Seal Ex . , Propolis ex . , Gotu kola Ex . , Calendula Ex . , Hoarseness Ex . , Hoodies Ex . , Here Ex . , Toya Ex . , Elderberry Ex . , Oregano Ex . , Green tea . , mint Ex . , echinacea Ex . , thyme Ex . , lemongrass Ex .
  • Carrier / Base :
  • Apricot stones , sunflower , linseed , Steller , vitamin E. Primrose , Almond , Borag , carrots, Steller , Compro , calendula . Pimples on the lower face - Calendula .Google Ads
  • Essential Oils :
  • Cypress , lemon, clove, sage, sandalwood , Palma Rosa , Teeter , lavender , bergamot , Shot , Moore, Roman Chamomile + Jarman , Geranium , Melissa , eucalyptus, Salvia sclarea , ylang - ylang , neroli , Mandarin , Tangerine lemon grass , lime, Pottery , cedar, juniper , black pepper, Compro ,

  • LemonStrong antiseptic , Astrig'nt , strong antiseptic , antibacterial , beneficial blurring blemishes and scars and gives your skin tone , helps boost the immune system and encourages the creation of leukocytes ( immune cells ) .LavenderAntiseptic, antibacterial , calms inflammation, soothes the skin in general , helps to blur spots and scars and create a uniform appearance , suitable for irritated skin and redness , promotes regeneration and strengthens the immune system . Lavender does a good job on the level of mind - is relaxing and feels good .ChamomileAnti - inflammatory and strong , suitable for the treatment of irritated skin , redness , sensitive and of course working on the emotional aspect : stress, pressure and need sedation , hypersensitivity , stress and depression due to hormonal imbalances .Salvia sclareaBalance hormonal activity , improves circulation and encourages balance sebum secretion .